1. This Code of Conduct applies to the practice of ‘Holistic, Natural or Spiritual Healing’ as laid down in the Constitution of the National Federation of Healers Inc.

2. Membership of the National Federation of Healers is conditional upon acceptance of the terms of this Code of Conduct.

Principles of Conduct

3. Healing should not be offered as a complete alternative to orthodox medicine but as complementary.

4. Healing Therapists should strive for a good relationship and full co-operation with the medical profession. In particular:

• If a patient is seriously ill and has not consulted a doctor, the Healing Therapist should suggest that this be done.

• The Healing Therapist should not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor.

• The Healing Therapist should not advise a particular course of medical treatment, such as to undergo an operation or to take specific drugs. It must be left to the patient to make his or her own decision in the light of medical advice.

• No Healing Therapist may give a medical diagnosis to a patient. Diagnosis is the responsibility of a doctor. If however, a Healer believes they have identified some aspect of a disorder which is not covered by a doctor’s diagnosis, they should advise the patient to draw this to the attention of the doctor.

5. Membership of the NFH should be regarded as a guarantee to patients and the medical profession of the Healer’s integrity, sincerity and ability.

6. Healing should be given only in response to a request from the patient or his representative.

7. If the Healing Therapist becomes aware that the patient may be suffering from a notifiable disease, the patient should not be permitted to come in contact with other people but be sent home. They should be advised to consult a doctor.

8. Healing Therapists are personally responsible for their actions; they should behave with courtesy, dignity, discretion and tact. Recovery should never be promised but the Healer’s attitude should be competent and sympathetic while endeavouring to raise the patient’s mental outlook and belief in a gradual progression towards wholeness, rather than a promise of physical cure.

9. The Healing Therapist should not use titles or descriptions to give the impression of medical qualifications.

10. The Healing Therapist should not normally ask for the removal of a patient’s clothing; the exception to this rule applies:-

• If the therapist is a qualified masseuse and the client is clearly aware of the procedure.

• To observe a skin condition, removal may be requested, but the clear agreement of the patient must be obtained; the presence of a witness is recommended.

11. When a Healing Therapist is giving private treatment to a person of the opposite sex it is advisable for the Healer to request the presence of a third party whose bona fide the Healer can accept.

12. The Healing Therapist should never offer a clairvoyant reading during a healing session.

13. Healing Therapists must not use manipulation or vigorous massage unless they possess an appropriate professional qualification. This does not preclude healing passes or gentle massage of the shoulders or feet.

14. Discretion should be used when carrying out private healing with patients who are mentally unstable, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or severely depressed or hallucinated. Such patients should be treated only by an experienced Healer accompanied by another experienced Healer.

15. A Healing Therapist should treat as strictly confidential all information of a personal nature which is confided by the patient.

16. Guidance for the Healing Therapist when visiting Hospitals.

• The Hospital is responsible for the patient.
• Healing should only be given at the request of the patient.

If a visit is made to a Hospital:

• The Healing Therapist should not wear a white coat. The NFH name badge may be worn.

• Healing should be carried out without fuss in a discreet and professional manner.

• Healing Therapists should encourage a patient to be hopeful and positive but should never promise recovery. Healers should never undermine the patient’s faith in Hospital treatment. The aim should always be to leave him/her feeling positive and relaxed.

• If credentials are requested the Healer should produce his/her NFH current membership card.

Healing and The Law

17. It is essential that every Healing Therapist understands and observes the law as it relates to healing practice. Disregard of the law may result in serious legal difficulties for the Healer and could seriously damage the reputation of the healing movement.

18. The Healing Therapist must keep adequate records for all patients.

19. A Healing Therapist must explain to the client the healing procedure before commencing the healing.

20. Healers sometimes say and do certain things while giving treatment because they are “impressed” to do so. Reason and common-sense should always be applied to such impressions.
Healing therapists should avoid drawing upon themselves any suggestions of negligence which might result in making claims for damages.

21. The law is contained in a series of Acts or Statutes principally associated with the medical and paramedical professions. In case of doubt the Healer should contact the national Secretary of the NFH and seek guidance.


22. A parent or guardian who fails to provide adequate medical aid for a child under the age of 16 commits a criminal offence. Healing is not medical aid as defined by the law and a Healer who treats a child whose parents refuse medical aid runs the risk of being considered as aiding and abetting that offence. When it is known that the parents are NOT receiving medical attention for the child, Healers are most strongly advised to secure the signature of the parent or guardian to the following statement.

“I have been warned by (name of Healing Therapist) that according to law I should consult a doctor concerning the health of my child (name of child).

Signed (parent or guardian)

Signed by witness (signature of person witnessing) Date

This statement should be kept with the healing records.

Definition of Holistic Healing

23. The Articles of Constitution of NFH state:-

Holistic Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels or Humanity’s being, irrespective or where ill-health has manifested. Distinctions of race, class or religion are irrelevant. A Healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon a patient’s life force at all levels of existence whether sick in body, mind or spirit. Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complimentary to any other therapy. The severity of the medically diagnosed nature of the illness is unimportant with regard to the outcome.

24. In the light of the legal provisions, the Healing Therapist’s attention is specifically drawn to section 22. Healers who fail to comply with this guidance may and probably will be guilty of breach of the law which could result in prosecution.


25. The objects of the NFH is to provide Spiritual Healing, practical and emotional support, and counselling to:

• The sick

• Those with life-threatening illness

• Those in grief